Insights Revealed: Excerpts from Trump’s Deposition With the New York Attorney General Unveil Key Revelations

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Article: Highlights from Trump’s Unsealed Deposition

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Former President Donald Trump’s deposition transcript, which was unsealed on Wednesday, reveals his combative nature and personal offense regarding questions about his net worth. The case against him, his company, and his children is set to go to trial in October, while Mr. Trump is currently seeking to have it thrown out.

Highlights from the Transcript

Mr. Trump refers to his time in the Oval Office with a notable understatement.

The former president downplayed his role as the ultimate decision maker within the Trump Organization, suggesting he was not directly involved in major decisions. However, he later mentioned being engaged in “something major, final decisions, whatever.”

  • Kevin Wallace asked if Mr. Trump had ultimate decision-making authority for the Trump Organization.
  • Mr. Trump responded negatively, stating that his son Eric was more involved.

Mr. Trump claims to have protected the world from nuclear war while in office.

During the deposition, Mr. Trump asserted that being president was the most important job in the world and claimed he prevented a potential nuclear war with North Korea.

  • Mr. Trump emphasized the possible nuclear holocaust if he hadn’t dealt with North Korea.
  • He insinuated that a nuclear war could still occur.

Mr. Trump declines to say who has expressed interest in buying Mar-a-Lago.

When questioned about selling Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump highlighted his ownership of prime properties and receiving offers from wealthy individuals. However, he avoided identifying those interested parties.

  • Mr. Trump mentioned having people request to be notified if he decides to sell Mar-a-Lago.
  • He refused to disclose specific individuals due to potential embarrassment and the possibility of calling them as witnesses.

Mr. Trump derides his annual financial statements, saying that he never felt they would be taken seriously.

The case against Mr. Trump revolves around allegations that his annual financial statements overvalue his properties by billions of dollars.

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