China’s Controversial New Map Sparks Tensions as it Claims Vast Portions of Neighboring Territories

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New Map of China’s National Borders Sparks Protests

New Map of China’s National Borders Sparks Protests

China’s Controversial Map

A new map of China’s national borders has sparked protests from governments in Asia after its boundaries drew in the territories of its neighbors, including a small chunk of Russia. The map, published by China’s Ministry of Natural Resources, lays claim to disputed land on its southern border with India and encompasses all of Taiwan. Beijing’s “dashed line” also captures significant portions of the contested South China Sea.

Protests from Russia

Russia and China had previously settled their boundary disagreements for the sake of political stability, but China’s new map service has brought renewed attention to the issue. China’s official map extends its easternmost territory to include Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island, a piece of land that is shared between the two countries.

India’s Response

India, one of the countries affected by China’s new map, has strongly protested against the inclusion of its territory. India’s External Affairs Ministry spokesperson expressed their rejection of China’s claims, stating that they have no basis. India’s foreign minister also condemned Beijing’s move as an “old habit” and called for proactive measures to counter such actions.

Malaysia Opposes the Map

Malaysia, another affected country, strongly rejected China’s map and stated that it does not recognize it in any way. Malaysia emphasized that the South China Sea issue should be resolved through peaceful and rational dialogues based on international laws.

Taiwan’s Inclusion

Taiwan, which has long faced China’s territorial claims, was unsurprised by its inclusion on the map. Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson reiterated that China has never ruled Taiwan and that its sovereignty claims cannot change the reality of Taiwan’s existence.

Dispute with Japan

China’s new map does not prominently show the disputed Senkaku Island group, which is governed by Japan but also claimed by China and Taiwan. Tensions over this territorial dispute have existed for years, with China’s maritime law enforcement ships frequently circling the islands to assert its claim.


China’s new map of its national borders has sparked protests from neighboring countries in Asia. The map’s assertions of territory have been met with strong opposition from Russia, India, Malaysia, and others. The territorial disputes in the South China Sea and the East China Sea continue to be sources of tension in the region.

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