Discover Key Tips and Important Things to Know Before Embarking on Your Sea Of Stars Adventure

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The Latest from Sabotage: Sea of Stars Prologue


The latest from Sabotage, the creators of 2018’s The Messenger, is a fantastic throwback that takes lessons from the best 16-bit RPGs of the past while ignoring all the annoying elements that make some of those games hard to go back to. The game, titled Sea of Stars, is a highly anticipated release and has already generated a lot of buzz. To find out more about the game’s universe and characters, make sure to read the update on the game’s Kickstarter page titled Prologue – The Two Alchemists. It provides important background information that will enhance your gameplay experience.

Know The Prologue

To quickly summarize, Aephorul and Resh’an are alchemists who figured out the secret to immortal life, but it turns out being immortal is kind of terrible and the two came to this realization in opposing ways. Aephorul turned evil and gleefully spreads chaos across the world with monsters known as Dwellers, becoming known as The Fleshmancer. On the other hand, Resh’an embraced good and tries to make life better for mortals by combating Aephorul’s shenanigans. Resh’an primarily does this with the aid of Solstice Warriors, which is what you play as in Sea of Stars, using the power of the sun and moon to fight Aephorul’s Dwellers. Left unchecked, the Dwellers can turn into World Eaters, which is a bad thing.

Destroy The Locks

  • The symbols over the enemies’ heads indicate the attacks to use against them
  • Prevent enemies from executing strong attacks by breaking their locks
  • Use a mix of team abilities for better rewards

Swap Characters With Reckless Abandon

In Sea of Stars, you can switch party members at any time without penalty

Experience is shared by all characters, so no need to worry about leveling up one more than another

Sell Ingredients

Ingredients are plentiful and can be used for crafting or sold to merchants

Keep a few of each ingredient but feel free to sell excess to fund necessary purchases

You Can Climb More Than You Realize

Try tapping A/X/B near walls and edges to access higher areas

Protagonists Valere and Zale are excellent climbers

Bring On The Falcon-eyed Parrot

Relics can augment gameplay, including making the game easier

The Falcon-eyed Parrot relic helps identify if you’ve explored everything on each island

Get All The Rainbow Conch Shells

Collect chests containing Rainbow Conch Shells for valuable rewards

Speaking to party members during camping reveals sidequest clues

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