Unlock the Coveted Pinned Flames Livery for GTA Online Vapid Clique Wagon Absolutely Free this Week! (August 31)

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GTA Online Update: Unlock the Rare Pinned Flames Livery for the Vapid Clique Wagon

A Chance to Claim the Pinned Flames Livery

GTA Online players have a golden opportunity to unlock a rare item for their collection with the new update. By participating in Nightclub business activities and completing certain objectives, players can claim a free Pinned Flames Livery for the Vapid Clique Wagon. Additionally, business owners are entitled to other bonuses until September 6, 2023.

How to Obtain the Pinned Flames Livery

For the next week, Nightclub owners can greatly benefit from the new GTA Online weekly update. Along with triple the amount of Daily income and other rewards, players can unlock a special livery for the Vapid Clique Wagon by completing the following objectives:

  1. Completing one Nightclub Management Mission
  2. Completing one Nightclub Sourcing Mission

If players do not currently own a Nightclub, they can take advantage of a 40% discount on the property for the entire week. Existing owners can also upgrade their businesses and enjoy price cuts for the next seven days.

The Vapid Clique Wagon: A Classic Vehicle to Own

The Vapid Clique Wagon, inspired by the 1951 Ford Country Squire and other real-life rides, is a 2-seater muscle car that offers a timeless design. Some of its visual characteristics include small overrides on the front and rear bumpers, circular headlights, and Vapid emblems on the hood lid and front fenders. The wooden and chrome details give it a 1950s era feel.

In terms of performance, the Clique Wagon can reach a top speed of 91.00 mph (146.45 km/h) and complete one lap in 1:19.296. While not the fastest car in GTA Online, its classic vibe makes it a must-have for enthusiasts. The vehicle can be purchased from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $1,205,000.

Interested buyers are encouraged to consider owning a Vapid Clique Wagon rather than attempting to win the GTA Online podium car this week.

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