Intel Unveils Groundbreaking ‘Sierra Forest’ Chip Set to Boost Power Efficiency by Over 100%

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Intel Announces New Data Centre Chip to Improve Power Efficiency


Intel is set to release a new data centre chip next year that will handle more than double the amount of computing work per watt of power used. The industry is increasingly focused on lowering electricity consumption in data centres due to the high levels of energy they consume.

Sierra Forest Chip Performance

  • Intel’s “Sierra Forest” chip will have 240% better performance per watt than its current generation of data centre chip.
  • This is the first time Intel has disclosed such figures.

Importance of Power Efficiency

Data centres that power the internet and online services consume large amounts of electricity.

Technology firms are under pressure to hold steady or reduce their energy consumption.

Chip companies are focused on getting more computing work done per chip.

Competition from Ampere Computing and AMD

Ampere Computing was the first to market with a chip focused on cloud computing efficiency.

Intel and AMD have announced similar products to compete in this space.

Intel’s Plan for “Sierra Forest” Chip

The “Sierra Forest” chip is set to arrive next year.

Intel is splitting its data centre chips into two categories: “Granite Rapids” for performance and “Sierra Forest” for efficiency.

Customers can consolidate older software onto a smaller number of computers inside a data centre using the new chip, reducing total cost of ownership.


Intel’s “Sierra Forest” chip aims to improve power efficiency in data centres, reducing electricity consumption. With competition from Ampere Computing and AMD, Intel is making efforts to regain market share and meet the growing demand for energy-efficient chips.

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