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Alia Bhatt’s Exciting Reaction to Kareena Kapoor’s ‘Jaane Jaan’ Trailer: ‘Uff, Can’t Handle It!’ Perfectly Expresses Her Excitement

SEO Friendly News Article Alia Bhatt Gives a Shout Out to Kareena Kapoor’s Jaane Jaan Trailer Image was shared by Alia Bhatt. (courtesy: aliaabhatt) New Delhi Alia Bhatt just gave her stamp of approval to Kareena Kapoor’s Netflix debut film Jaane Jaan and it is all heart. Hours after the streaming app dropped the intriguing ...


X Triumphantly Takes Over ‘@music’ Handle with Half a Million Followers, Elevating their Music Career to New Heights

SEO-Friendly News Article Elon Musk-led X Corp. has commandeered “@music” from a long-time user, software developer Jeremy Vaught. Vaught created the “@music” account in 2007 and built a community of around half a million followers on the platform. His new handle, assigned to him by the company, is “@musicfan.” X terms of service say it ...


Outrage as ‘super pissed’ longtime user loses @music handle to Elon’s ‘X’: A Story of Unfair Domain Takeover

SEO Friendly News Article The Twitter Music Account Gets Reclaimed, Leaving Its Former Owner Angry Published on [Date] Introduction The longtime @music account on X, formerly known as Twitter, had over half a million followers until the company reclaimed the handle on Friday. Now its former owner said he’s “super pissed.” Jeremy Vaught Expresses Frustration ...