Twitter Goes Wild as Rohit Sharma’s Fiery Encounter with Jadeja Results in Crucial Wicket for Team India: IND vs NEP

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Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja’s On-field Banter

Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja discussing bowling strategy after successfully scalping a Nepalese batter


ESPN Cricinfo/ AFP

Not often does a master of his craft such as Ravindra Jadeja get an earful on the field but an exception can always be made for the amusing personality that is Rohit Sharma. The Indian skipper was quick to get on the spinner’s case on Monday after his strategy helped Jadeja scalp a wicket.


Ravindra Jadeja, a master spinner, received an earful from Rohit Sharma during a recent match after his strategy led to a successful wicket.

The Banter

Rohit Sharma’s amusing personality came to the forefront as he immediately called out Jadeja on the field.

The Incident

During a match, Jadeja implemented a strategy that resulted in a wicket, catching the attention of the Indian skipper.

Key Points:

  • Jadeja’s strategy leads to a wicket
  • Rohit Sharma notices the successful move
  • Amusing banter ensues between the two players

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Source: ESPN Cricinfo/ AFP

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