India vs Pakistan World Cup 2023 Tickets Sold Out after Unforeseen Twist

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: India-Pakistan Tickets Sold Out

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: India-Pakistan Tickets Sold Out

Pre-sale of Tickets for India Matches at Ahmedabad

The pre-sale of tickets for the last batch of India matches at Ahmedabad went on sale on Sunday, September 3 at 8 pm.

India vs Pakistan Match – Last Tickets Sale

The India vs Pakistan match was the last of the ICC World Cup 2023 matches for which the tickets went on sale today.

Ticket Sale Frustrations

Just like yesterday, when tickets for the India vs South Africa match were sold out in a minute, a frustrating incident happened today where fans were unable to book tickets for the IND-PAK match after they went live on the BookMyShow platform. Eager fans who were keen to land a World Cup ticket for the all-important India vs Pakistan match were left disappointed as many of them were put in a ‘2-hour’ waiting queue and were not getting added to the booking slot even after 30 minutes of being in the queue.

Booking Alert: High Demand & Waiting Queue

Here is the message that flashed on many people’s screens when they clicked on the book option.

The message on the BookMyShow platform stated ‘Due to high demand, users are being added to the queue.’

Seating Limitations & Congestion Message

Many sincere fans who stood in the queue were later flashed with another message which stated the following,

There are limited seats available and we are experiencing a very high demand currently. There is congestion ahead on the booking flow as others are processing their seats. We request your cooperation and patience. Thank you!’

Tickets Sold Out Announcement

After around 40 minutes of the India Pakistan tickets going live on the platform, the screens of many users were refreshed with the following screen which showed that tickets have been sold out.

Fans Express Disappointment on X

Here are some reactions from X (formerly Twitter) where fans shared their disappointment of not getting pushed up the order in the queue when the booking started.

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