India vs. Pakistan: Astonishing World Cup Match Tickets Selling at Rs 50 Lakh – Fans Left Baffled and Curious!

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India Vs Pakistan ODI World Cup Match Tickets Selling For Rs 50 Lakh, Fans Ask ‘What Is Happening?’

World Cup tickets selling for huge amounts on secondary market

World Cup tickets are selling for huge amounts on the secondary market.

Primary ticket sales sellout within an hour

The interest in the upcoming high-voltage clash between the Indian and Pakistan cricket teams at the ICC World Cup 2023 is reflecting in the ticket prices. The primary ticket sales outlets achieved a complete sellout within only one hour on two specific dates: August 29 and September 3.

Secondary market witnessing significant demand and price increase

However, the secondary market for ticket sales is also witnessing significant demand and an incredibly sharp increase in prices. For instance, a South Premium East 3 section ticket is currently listed at an astonishing Rs 21 lakh on Viagogo, an online sports ticket platform.


Only two tickets remaining at an astonishing price

There are only two tickets remaining for the upper tier, offering an unobstructed view, and they are being sold for an astonishing Rs 57 lakh each.


Sharp reactions from social media users

However, these extreme prices are also generating sharp reactions from social media users.

  • “What is happening? World Cup tickets for India vs. Pakistan range from 65,000 to 4.5 lakh “per ticket” on the Viagogo website! Daylight robbery from these corporations!,” commented a user.
  • “Tickets are available on Viagogo for the #INDvPAK World Cup match. Look at the prices,” wrote another user.
  • “Yesterday I saw a ticket for 15 lakh, and now it’s either sold out or else removed from the Viagogo app,” commented a third user.

Exorbitant prices for other India matches

Interestingly, tickets for other India matches at different venues are also commanding exorbitant prices on the secondary market. For example, tickets for the India vs Australia match on Viagogo start at a staggering Rs 41,000 and can soar to well over Rs 3 lakh. Likewise, tickets for the India vs England match are being sold at a high price of Rs. 2.3 lakh.

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