India vs China Asian Games 2023 Football Live: Stimac aims for strong start in Hangzhou; Streaming Updates & Info

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Indian Football’s Journey in the Asian Games

Indian Football’s Journey in the Asian Games

The Glory Days

The roots of India’s footballing glory in the Asian Games can be traced back to its remarkable victory in the inaugural edition held in 1951 in New Delhi. India showcased its footballing prowess once again in Jakarta in 1962 and secured a bronze medal in Bangkok in 1970.

Decline and Mismanagement

However, over the subsequent 50 years, Indian football witnessed a decline due to mismanagement and mediocrity. Despite initial success, the administrators failed to sustain developmental initiatives required to keep pace with the global progress of the sport.

The Fall and Rise

Following a sixth-place finish in 1982 when India hosted the Asian Games again, the performance graph continued to dip. When the Asian Games became an event for under-23 national teams in 2002, India’s performance deteriorated further.

A New Hope

In 2014, India hit its lowest point, finishing 26th in Incheon, and chose not to participate in the subsequent edition in Jakarta in 2018. However, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) made efforts to secure the participation of both the men’s and women’s national teams in Hangzhou.

In Conclusion

Indian football’s journey in the Asian Games has seen ups and downs. From being a prominent force in the early years to relative obscurity, the sport is now hopeful for a comeback. With the AIFF’s efforts to rebuild, there is optimism for better performances in future editions of the Games.

Amitabha Das Sharma

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