Gautam Gambhir Surprised by Camaraderie Between India-Pakistan Players in “Dosti Bahar Rehni Chahiye”

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India and Pakistan Share a Point as Rain Hampers Asia Cup 2023 Opener

Rain spoils the opening match of the Asia Cup 2023

By Sports Reporter | Published on September 2, 2023


India’s opening match of the Asia Cup 2023 against Pakistan couldn’t produce a result as rain played spoilsport, seeing the two teams share a point each. As downpour came heavy at the Pallekel International Stadium in Sri Lanka on Saturday, the Indian and Pakistani players were seen engaging in a friendly chat with each other.

Gautam Gambhir Calls for Professionalism Among Players

In a chat on Star Sports during the mid-game show, former India cricketer Gautam Gambhir expressed his opinion that the Indian team should refrain from displaying acts of friendship inside the stadium. He believes that such camaraderie should always remain outside the boundary ropes, considering the team represents 140 crore people.

  • Gambhir emphasizes the importance of having a game face and leaving friendship off the field.
  • He believes there should be aggression in the eyes of both sets of players.
  • Gambhir mentions the recent trend of players from rival teams patting each other on the back during matches.
  • He believes these gestures are more suited for friendly matches rather than competitive ones.

Personal Example Supports Gambhir’s Stand

Gambhir cites his friendship with former Pakistan cricketer Kamran Akmal as an example. Despite being good friends, Gambhir believes that on-field professionalism should always take precedence.

Sledging and Banter

Gambhir also discusses the topic of sledging, stating that banter between players is acceptable, as long as it does not cross the line and become personal. He recalls the heated exchanges that used to happen in games against Australia and Pakistan.


While many players believe in maintaining friendly relations with opponents, Gautam Gambhir takes a different stance. He believes that when the national team is representing a nation of over a billion people, professionalism and competitiveness should always be prioritized during matches.

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