Gautam Gambhir Opens Up About Viral Video Controversy: ‘It Was My Natural Reaction,’ Reveals Exclusive Details

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Gautam Gambhir Clarifies Controversial Video During India-Pakistan Match

Gautam Gambhir Clarifies Controversial Video During India-Pakistan Match

New Delhi: Gautam Gambhir’s Reaction to Anti-India Slogans

Gautam Gambhir, the former India batter, found himself caught in controversy after a video of him during the India-Pakistan match went viral on social media. In the video, Gambhir is seen showing an obscene gesture to a section of the crowd chanting ‘Kohli Kohli’ as he was leaving the field.

However, Gambhir clarified that the video does not accurately represent what happened and his reaction was due to anti-India slogans raised by some Pakistanis.

Truth Behind the Viral Video

  • Gambhir explains that social media can distort the truth, as people show whatever they want to show.
  • According to Gambhir, the video shows his natural reaction to the anti-India slogans and comments made by a few Pakistanis.
  • Gambhir’s love for his country and inability to tolerate anything against it led to his reaction.

Gambhir’s Clarification on X (formerly Twitter)

Gambhir took to X to further clarify the situation, stating, “Not everything is as it seems. Any Indian would react how I did to the kind of slogans used against our nation. I love our players & I love my country.”

Ishan Kishan Making a Case for World Cup Selection

Gambhir also expressed his opinion on Ishan Kishan’s chances of making it to the World Cup team ahead of KL Rahul.

  • Gambhir believes that Kishan has performed exceptionally well and deserves a spot in the team.
  • He emphasizes that when it comes to winning a championship, form should be prioritized over reputation.
  • In Gambhir’s view, if Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli had a similar performance, no one would suggest replacing them with KL Rahul.
  • He emphasizes the importance of choosing players based on their ability to perform and contribute towards winning the World Cup.

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