Former cricketer Gautam Gambhir criticizes friendly camaraderie between players during Asia Cup matches

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Asia Cup: Gautam Gambhir Against Friendly Players During Matches

Asia Cup: Gautam Gambhir says he’s against players being friendly with rivals during matches

Franchise Cricket Blamed for Lack of Aggression

World Cup winner Gautam Gambhir has expressed his disapproval of cricketers displaying too much camaraderie on the field with players from rival teams. He voiced his opinion during the India vs Pakistan game. Gambhir, who was a member of the Indian cricket team that won the 2011 Cricket World Cup, blamed franchise cricket as one of the reasons why aggression in cricket matches has diminished in recent years.

Importance of Game Face

Gambhir emphasized the need for cricketers to leave their friendships outside the boundary ropes when representing their national team. He stated that there has to be an aggression in the eyes of both sets of players during the match. Gambhir said, “You can be as friendly as you want after those six or seven hours of cricket. Those hours are very important, because you’re not just representing yourself, you’re representing a nation of over a billion.”

Rival Teams Getting Too Friendly

Gambhir pointed out that in recent times, players from rival teams have been seen patting each other on the back and exchanging fist bumps during matches. He believes this was uncommon a few years ago and stated, “You would never see that a few years ago. Aap friendly match hi khel rahe ho.”

Recalling His Confrontation with Kamran Akmal

Gambhir’s remarks came after he was asked about his confrontation with Pakistan wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal during the Asia Cup in 2010. Gambhir clarified that despite the argument, there was no bad blood between them and that they are good friends. He shared that they even exchanged bats and had recently spoken for an hour.

The Fine Line of Sledging

Gambhir acknowledged the role of sledging in games, but cautioned against crossing the line and getting too personal. He said, “(You can) Sledge, but don’t get personal. You have to stay within your limits. Don’t involve someone’s family member or get too personal. Banter is fine.”


  • Gautam Gambhir opposes cricketers being overly friendly with rival players during matches.
  • He believes franchise cricket has led to a decline in aggression in cricket games.
  • Gambhir emphasizes the importance of maintaining a game face and representing the nation during matches.
  • He recalls his confrontation with Kamran Akmal, stating there is no bad blood between them.
  • Gambhir acknowledges the role of sledging but cautions against crossing the line and getting personal.

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