Cricketing Legends: Unveiling the Exemplary Journey of 5 Incredible Brother Duos in Indian Cricket History

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Krunal Pandya And Hardik Pandya

Pandya brothers are the only active cricketers in the list, while Hardik is leading India’s T20I team, Krunal Pandya got dropped from the Indian team after playing 5 ODIs and 19 T20Is.

Yusuf Pathan And Irfan Pathan

Yusuf and Irfan Pathan

Pathan brothers were part of the Indian squad which won the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup. Both of them didn’t had a long career in International cricket.

Madhav Apte And Arvind Apte

Madhav and Arvind Apte

These two brothers represented India but neither of them was able to play for a long time. Madhav played 7 test matches and his brother Arvind played only 1 test match.

Subhash Gupte And Baloo Gupte

Subhash and Baloo Gupte

Subhash Gupte who played for India was considered as one of the finest spinners whereas his brother Baloo played only 3 test matches.

Mohinder Amarnath And Surinder Amarnath

Mohinder and Surinder Amarnath

Mohinder Amarnath was the hero of the world cup, whereas his elder brother Surinder Amarnath had a short cricket career as he only played 10 test matches and 3 ODIs.

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