WHO Warns of Alarming COVID-19 Trends in Northern Hemisphere: SABC News Reports

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WHO warns of concerning trends for COVID-19 in the northern hemisphere

Published on: SABC News


  • COVID-19 cases on the rise in the northern hemisphere
  • WHO highlights the need for urgent action

Concerns for the northern hemisphere

The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed serious concerns regarding the increasing trends of COVID-19 in the northern hemisphere. This warning comes as several countries are experiencing surges in cases and witnessing a rise in hospitalizations and deaths.

Surging COVID cases

A few countries are currently facing a significant surge in COVID-19 infections. These include:

  • Countries With The Highest COVID-19 Surge And Top Symptoms Reported (Source: msnNOW)
  • Covid-19 hospitalisation witness global surge, WHO urges countries to share data (Source: WION)
  • Covid-19 Hospitalization And Deaths Witness Global Surge, WHO Urges Countries To Share Information And Data (Source:

WHO’s plea for data sharing

In light of the escalating situation, WHO is urging countries to share their COVID-19 data and information to facilitate a global response. This collaboration will contribute to a better understanding of the virus and aid in the development of effective measures to contain its spread.

Potential impact in winter

The impending winter season raises concerns about the impact of COVID-19. Experts predict the following:

  • Increased transmission due to indoor gatherings
  • Possible strain on healthcare systems
  • Greater risk for vulnerable populations
  • Challenge in differentiating COVID-19 symptoms from common cold or flu

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