Unveiling the Clade 9 Chickenpox Variant in India: Discover Symptoms, Prevention Tactics, and Comprehensive Details

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In India, the Clade 9 strain of varicella, better known as chickenpox, has been identified by the National Institute of Virology (NIV). Scientists conducting research on chickenpox discovered the varicella-zoster virus variant for the first time in the nation. VZV, which is widespread in nations like Germany, the UK, and the US, causes chickenpox in kids, shingles in adults, and teen shingles.

Clade 1 and Clade 5 viruses were present in India, while Clade 9 has only recently been found. The results of the study were released on September 6 in the “Annals of Medicine.”

In accordance with the World Health Organisation (WHO), VZV is a herpesvirus. This virus can spread through aerosols, droplets, or direct contact with respiratory secretions. It further says that whereas VZV can cause more severe diseases in adults, it only causes minor ones in youngsters. Additionally, it could be lethal, especially for newborns and people with impaired immune systems.

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  1. According to the WHO, varicella, also known as chickenpox, is distinguished by an itchy rash that typically starts on the face and scalp and is initially accompanied by fever and malaise.
  2. It can occasionally be fatal and also result in pneumonia or encephalitis (brain inflammation).
  3. Reduced appetite, a headache, a fever, bodily aches, and an overall sensation of malaise are other symptoms.
  4. The rash often emerges as papule-like pimples and appears 2-3 weeks after virus contact.


According to NDTV, specialists have not yet discovered any differences in the severity of infection between Clade 9 and its earlier forms, Clade 1 and Clade 5. The greatest approach to prevent contracting the virus, according to medical professionals, is through immunisation. It’s also advised to wash your hands frequently and practise good hygiene.

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  • Treatment-

    It’s critical to get medical help as soon as these symptoms emerge. In addition to prescription medications, a calming lotion can be used on the rash to reduce swelling and discomfort around it.

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    first published: September 16, 2023, 11:46 IST

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