Unlocking the Power of Socialisation: Doctors Reveal its Key Role in Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

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Buddhi Clinic Organizes Expo in Connection with World Alzheimer’s Day

September 18, 2022


Buddhi Clinic, an innovative organisation that offers neuropsychiatry and integrative medicine, recently organized an expo in connection with World Alzheimer’s Day.

Theme for World Alzheimer’s Day

The theme for this year’s World Alzheimer’s Day, to be observed on September 21, is “Never Too Early, Never Too Late.” The theme reflects the need to identify risk factors of the disease and take steps to reduce the risk and prevent the onset of dementia.

Experts Share Insights

  • Vorapun Senanarong, associate professor at Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, spoke on the problems of behavior that accompanies brain aging.
  • She outlined the role of the brain’s frontal lobes, the social brain, in modulating behavior and how it changes with aging and dementia.
  • Vivek Misra, assistant clinical director and head, neuromodulation and clinical neurosciences, outlined the use of non-invasive brain stimulation in mild cognitive impairment, dementia with neurocognitive dysfunction, and behavioral and psychological symptoms using case studies.

Prevention Measures

Doctors advised that a healthy lifestyle, good diet and sleep regimen, mental activity, exercise, and socialization would help keep the disease at bay.

Early Detection and Treatment

  • Psychologists can administer simple memory tests to detect the condition early.
  • If the test indicates the possibility of dementia, a detailed evaluation for treatable causes and treatment should be pursued.
  • As dementia progresses, patients and their families should explore treatment options.
  • New and more effective drugs, as well as non-pharmacological therapies, are now available.

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