Stay on Track with These 5 Post-Meal Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Prevent Weight Gain

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Post Meal Mistakes That Cause Weight Gain

From following a healthy diet, and consuming healthy foods to practising exercise, most of us try to follow a healthy routine to maintain our weight and healthy body. But sometimes, even after practising healthy weight loss habits, we fail at attaining a toned body. One of the prominent causes for this may be post-meal mistakes. We often ensure to be mindful of our food choices and exercise habits but forget to keep in mind that things that we do after eating a meal also have major impacts on weight management. Here are five post-meal mistakes that you should avoid to prevent weight gain.

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1. Restricted Diets

We assume that a ‘weight loss diet’ tends to be the healthiest and makes you lose weight quickly. Weight loss diets usually include strict diets and food restrictions that make your body nutrient-deficit. There are numerous diets for weight loss that include minimum food intake and leave you more hungry and low on energy. Such diets can make you lose weight within a week but as soon as you increase your food intake, the body fat may accumulate and make you gain weight again.

2. Sleeping After Meals

Going to sleep right after eating can impair digestive system (Image Credits: Canva)

Immediately going to bed after consuming meals is an extremely unhealthy habit. When we eat our meals, the body needs time to break down the foods and digest them. When you go to sleep just after eating your food, sleeping may not provide your body with enough time and energy to digest the consumed food, which may increase the risk of digestive problems such as acidity, bloating, constipation, and others.

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3. Drinking Water Right After Meals

Health experts recommend avoiding drinking water between meals and for a certain period after eating a meal. This is probably because intake of water can dilute the gastric juices and digestive enzymes, leading to disturbance in the digestion process. One should wait for at least 30 minutes post-meal to drink water.

4. Caffeine Consumption

Consuming coffee right after eating meals is another unhealthy habit. Drinking coffee after meals can slow down the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients. The caffeine present in coffee can also lead to sleep disturbances, which can further cause obesity and weight gain.

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Drinking coffee after meals can have detrimental effects on health (Image Credits: Canva)

5. Heavy Exercises

Working out immediately after eating a meal can cause discomfort and lead to digestive problems such as bloating and constipation. Although physical exercise is important to maintain a healthy weight, doing it right after dinner can slow down digestion, cause nausea, and make you feel more tired and want to sleep.

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