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Revived Patients Share Startling “After-Death Experiences” in New Report


NYU Grossman School of Medicine shared a new report where revived patients shared their startling “after-death experiences.” This research challenges previous assumptions about brain activity during cardiac arrest.

“I remember seeing my dad,” said a patient who had flatlined earlier.

Key Findings

  • 53 patients who experienced cardiac arrests and were revived reported their memories or conscious thoughts.
  • 40% of these patients recalled specific experiences.

Patient Experiences

“I remember seeing my dad,” said a patient who had flatlined earlier.

“I do remember a being of light … standing near me. It was looming over me like a great tower of strength, yet radiating only warmth and love,” shared another survivor.

New Research Perspective

Prior to this study, doctors believed that there was little to no brain activity after 10 minutes of cardiac arrest. However, this research suggests otherwise.

Dr. Sam Parnia, an associate professor of medicine at NYU Langone Health, stated, “There are signs of normal and near normal brain activity found up to an hour into resuscitation.”

Unique and Universal Experiences

“We were not only able to show the markers of lucid consciousness — we were also able to show that these experiences are unique and universal. They’re different from dreams, illusions, and delusions.”

Patient Testimonies

“I was shown the consequences of my life, thousands of people that I’d interacted with and felt what they felt about me, saw their life and how I had impacted them. Next, I saw the consequences of my life and the influence of my actions,” recollected one patient.

“I was asked if I wanted to come home… or wanted to come back here. I told them that my two sons needed me and I had to go back. I was suddenly in my body again feeling my achy joints flaring in pain,” shared another anonymous patient.

Access to Dormant Parts of the Brain

According to Dr. Sam, “Normally there are braking systems that prevent us from accessing all the parts of our brain, but as the brain shuts down in order to preserve itself, the brakes are off.”

During this process, individuals can access their entire consciousness, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and memories that are typically inaccessible.

Dr. Sam emphasized that these experiences are not hallucinations, but very real occurrences that happen during death.

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