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Parents Seek Answers after E. Coli Outbreak at Calgary Daycare


Several Calgary daycares are facing an E. Coli outbreak, leaving parents concerned and demanding answers. The outbreak has led to children falling seriously ill and requiring dialysis treatment, causing pediatric hospitals to be stretched to their limits.

Calgary Daycare E. Coli Outbreak

The recent outbreak of E. Coli at Calgary daycares has sparked fear and anger amongst parents. Multiple news sources are reporting on the ongoing situation and urging authorities to take immediate action to prevent further spread of the illness.

Parents’ Desperation

Parents whose children have fallen ill with E. Coli are expressing their desperation for answers and accountability. They want to know how the outbreak occurred and what measures were in place to prevent it.

Quotes from Parents:

  • “I thought my child would be safe at daycare. It’s devastating to see them suffer,” says one concerned parent.
  • “Our priority should be ensuring the safety and well-being of our children. We need to hold the daycare accountable,” demands another parent.

Impact on Pediatric Hospitals

The sudden surge of E. Coli cases has put significant strain on pediatric hospitals in Calgary. The number of affected children requiring dialysis has reached a critical level, with resources being stretched to the brink.

Authorities Respond

The Alberta Health Services (AHS) has confirmed that several children affected by the outbreak are undergoing dialysis treatment. They assure that all necessary steps are being taken to control the situation and prevent further contamination.

Key Points:

  • The AHS is actively investigating the cause of the outbreak and working closely with daycare authorities to prevent its spread.
  • Additional E. Coli cases are expected to be confirmed soon, but the numbers are anticipated to stabilize in the near future.


The E. Coli outbreak at Calgary daycares has sparked fear and concern among parents. While authorities are actively addressing the situation, parents are demanding transparency and answers to ensure the safety of their children. The affected pediatric hospitals are struggling to cope with the influx of patients, highlighting the urgent need for swift action to prevent further harm.


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