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Navi Mumbai Grapples with Dengue Outbreak as Two Deaths are Reported

The growing mosquito menace in Panvel region raises concerns

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Deaths Highlight the Urgency of Addressing the Issue

Navi Mumbai has witnessed two deaths due to dengue in the past two weeks. The fatalities have alarmed the residents, as they fear the increasing mosquito population in the area. The victims, a 17-year-old student named Shriya Singh and a 29-year-old woman named Abhilasha Salve, succumbed to high fever caused by dengue.

Residents Demand Action from Municipal Corporation

Panvel residents are voicing their concerns through social media and emails, urging the corporation to take stringent measures against the dengue outbreak. They are even considering legal action against builders who fail to implement preventive measures. Social activist Deepak Singh questions the corporation’s response and suggests taking legal actions against waterlogging at construction sites and increasing fogging and spraying of larvicide.

Surge in Suspected Cases of Malaria and Dengue

In the past three months, suspected cases of malaria and dengue have seen a significant increase. In July, 115 cases of suspected dengue were reported, which increased to 126 cases in August. By the first week of September, 35 people had tested positive for dengue. The medical department highlights that the mosquito breeding spots were found within the victims’ own houses or localities.

Intensified Efforts to Prevent Outbreak

In response to the deaths, the municipal corporation has stepped up its activities to create awareness in the community and prevent an outbreak. The health workers have initiated door-to-door surveys to identify new breeding spots and educate households about precautions. Following any death, the entire area is inspected by a team of health workers, and individuals showing symptoms are tested.

Current Survey and Measures in Place

After the death at the Labor Camp, a total of 2,242 people were screened for dengue. Inspections revealed 15 containers with larvae out of 452 examined. A similar survey is now taking place in sector 21 of Kamothe, where a recent victim resided. Six teams of health workers are visiting each household to eliminate mosquito larvae. The survey is expected to be completed within the next seven days.

Statistics from the Survey:

  • Total population surveyed in Kamothe sector 21 since Monday: 795
  • Total houses surveyed: 209 units
  • Total containers found with stagnant water: 222 units
  • Total containers found to be contaminated with larvae breeding: 5
  • Fever samples sent for testing: 4

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