Families in panic as E.coli outbreak hits Alberta: 25 children and 1 adult hospitalized – CTV News

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E.coli Outbreak in Alberta

25 children, 1 adult in hospital due to E.coli outbreak in Alberta


Alberta is currently grappling with an E.coli outbreak that has affected numerous children and one adult. The outbreak has raised concerns about public health in Canada and the safety of childcare facilities.

Details of the Outbreak

Here are some key details regarding the E.coli outbreak in Alberta:

  • 25 children and 1 adult have been hospitalized as a result of the outbreak.
  • The source of the E.coli contamination is still under investigation.
  • Daycare centers were temporarily closed as a precautionary measure.
  • Some daycare centers have now reopened as the number of cases continues to rise.

Media Coverage

This E.coli outbreak has garnered significant media attention. Here are a few notable news articles and opinions:

1. CTV News: 25 children, 1 adult in hospital due to E.coli outbreak in Alberta

CTV News reports on the hospitalization of 25 children and 1 adult due to the E.coli outbreak in Alberta.

2. CTV News Calgary: Inspection report of kitchen released

CTV News Calgary provides an update on the E.coli outbreak by revealing the release of the inspection report regarding the kitchen where the contamination might have occurred.

3. The Globe and Mail: The horrific food poisoning of Calgary children underscores the unravelling of public health in Canada

An opinion piece published in The Globe and Mail discusses how this E.coli outbreak highlights the deterioration of public health in Canada.

4. Vancouver Is Awesome: Walkerton and XL Foods: A look at some of the major E. coli 0157 outbreaks in Canada

Vancouver Is Awesome explores past E.coli outbreaks in Canada, such as Walkerton and XL Foods, providing context to the current situation in Calgary.

5. Calgary E. coli cases continue to rise as some daycare centres reopen reports on the increasing number of E.coli cases in Calgary despite the reopening of some daycare centers.


The E.coli outbreak in Alberta has caused concern among the public and shed light on the state of public health in Canada. Investigations are ongoing to determine the source of the contamination and appropriate measures are being taken to ensure the safety of children and adults in childcare facilities.

Additional Resources

For more information about the E.coli outbreak in Alberta, you can check out the full coverage on Google News.

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