Dengue Outbreak in South Dum Dum: Over 350 Cases and 4 Fatalities Reported this Season

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Massive Surge in Dengue Cases Alarms South Dum Dum Municipality

Kolkata: Four Dengue Deaths Reported So Far

The South Dum Dum municipality area in Kolkata is currently experiencing a significant rise in dengue cases, with four deaths reported this season. The alarming situation has prompted local authorities to take urgent measures to combat the outbreak and prevent further casualties.

Widespread Outbreak

  • Over 350 dengue cases have already been reported in the civic body area this year.
  • Residents from more than 15 wards in the municipality are suffering from fever, with many testing positive for dengue.
  • Pockets including Patipukur, Bediapara, Madhugarh, Mathkal, Debendranagar, Motijheel, and SK Deb Road are the worst affected.

Cause and Concerns

Susmita Basak, a concerned resident of Patipukur, highlighted that the continuous waterlogging in the locality, especially after heavy rainfall, has contributed to the breeding of mosquitoes. She expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of action taken by authorities despite repeated requests. Similarly, Tamal Chakraborty, a resident of Dum Dum Motijheel, revealed that their area has been grappling with waterlogging for an extended period.

Efforts by Municipality

The South Dum Dum municipality officials have been actively addressing the situation. A medical team and health workers are monitoring vulnerable areas regularly, conducting surveys to identify individuals with fever. Dengue drives have been organized, and residents are being urged to check for stagnant water. The municipality is also cleaning locked-up and vacant premises in collaboration with the police.

Awareness and Testing

Despite the efforts made, there is still a lack of awareness among residents. Sanjay Das, the South Dum Dum municipality chairman-in-council member (health), emphasizes the importance of dengue tests for individuals experiencing fever symptoms, urging them to get tested.

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