Avondale Taqueria Salmonella Outbreak: 20 Sickened, 10 Hospitalized, CBS Chicago Reports

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Salmonella Outbreak at Avondale Taqueria

Salmonella Outbreak at Avondale Taqueria


A recent outbreak of Salmonella has been reported at a popular taqueria in Avondale, Chicago. The incident has left several individuals sickened and hospitalized, leading to the closure of the establishment by food safety authorities.

Key Details:

  1. Salmonella outbreak at Avondale taqueria sickens 20, hospitalizes 10 – CBS Chicago

    • The taqueria located in Avondale has been hit by a Salmonella outbreak.
    • 20 people have been reported sick as a result of consuming contaminated food from the establishment.
    • Out of the affected individuals, 10 have required hospitalization.
  2. Half of the Victims in the Salmonella outbreak hospitalized; Chicago Taqueria closed – Food Safety News

    • 50% of the individuals affected by the Salmonella outbreak have been hospitalized.
    • Following the outbreak, the taqueria in question has been closed by the authorities to prevent further spread of the infection.
  3. Salmonella outbreak reported at Carnicería Guanajuato’s taquería on N. California in Avondale, Chicago Dept. of Health says – WLS-TV

    • The Chicago Department of Health has confirmed the occurrence of a Salmonella outbreak at the taqueria located on N. California at Carnicería Guanajuato.
    • The department is working to identify the source of the contamination and ensure proper actions are taken.
  4. 20 sickened, 10 hospitalized in Salmonella outbreak linked to Avondale taqueria – NBC Chicago

    • A total of 20 people have fallen ill due to the Salmonella outbreak linked to the Avondale taqueria.
    • 10 individuals have been admitted to hospitals for treatment.
  5. Chicago Salmonella outbreak linked to NW Side restaurant – FOX 32 Chicago

    • The Salmonella outbreak in Chicago has been traced back to a restaurant on the Northwest Side.
    • Authorities are investigating the matter to identify the exact cause of the contamination.


The recent outbreak of Salmonella at the taqueria in Avondale has raised concerns for public health. The Chicago Department of Health is actively involved in investigating the cause and taking necessary measures to prevent any further spread of the infection.

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