10 Best Foods in Indianapolis, Indiana


10 Best Foods in Indianapolis, Indiana

Explore Indianapolis’s rich culinary landscape with these top 10 local foods.

Indianapolis, a hub of diverse culinary experiences, offers unique and traditional flavors that define its food culture.

1. Tenderloin Sandwich

Where to Find It

  • This iconic Hoosier sandwich, featuring a thin, breaded or grilled pork patty, is a staple in Indianapolis. It embodies the heart of Indiana’s culinary tradition.

2. Milkshakes or Ice Cream from Traders Point Creamery

Where to Find It

  • For a sweet treat, Traders Point Creamery is a go-to spot. Their farm-fresh ice cream and milkshakes are beloved by locals.

3. Fried Pickles

Where to Find It

  • A favorite snack in Indy, fried pickles are a savory delight found in many local restaurants, offering a crispy and tangy experience.

4. Country Fried Steak

Where to Find It

  • This comfort dish, often served with homemade gravy, is a testament to Indy’s love for hearty meals. It’s a popular choice for both breakfast and dinner.

5. Craft Beer

Where to Find It

  • Indianapolis’s craft beer scene is thriving, with numerous breweries offering a range of styles to suit every palate.

6. Sugar Cream Pie

Where to Find It

  • A classic Indiana dessert, sugar cream pie is a simple yet rich treat that tops the dessert list in many local bakeries.

7. Square Donuts

Where to Find It

  • Square donuts, a unique take on the traditional round donuts, are an Indy specialty, known for their perfect fit in a box and delicious taste.

8. Pulled Pork

Where to Find It

  • Pulled pork is a BBQ favorite in Indy. Squealers is renowned for its authentic and flavorful pulled pork sandwiches.

9. Chili

Where to Find It

  • Indianapolis chili, known for its hearty, meaty, and full-flavored profile, is a comforting dish embraced by locals, especially during colder months.

10. Popcorn

Where to Find It

  • Indy’s popcorn variety ranges from savory BBQ and bacon to sweet caramel and turtle, offering a perfect snack for every craving.

Dining Options

Budget-Friendly Restaurants

Premium Dining Options

  • For fine dining, Vida serves contemporary American dishes.
  • The Capital Grille is known for its upscale steakhouse menu.

Indianapolis’s culinary scene offers a delightful array of foods that reflect its rich culture and history. From classic dishes to innovative creations, there’s something to satisfy every palate in this vibrant city.

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