Viral Video: Savvy Man Ingeniously Sneaks Affordable Snacks into Theatre, Avoiding Pricey Options

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Man Sneaks Food into Cinema: A Creative Hack Goes Viral

Movies and snacking go hand in hand, but the high prices of snacks and beverages at the theatre upsets people. Recently, a man who went to see Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2 at the cinema found a clever way to sneak his own food in. His ingenious hack quickly went viral online, and many movie-goers expressed their desire to try it for themselves. The video even earned a response from Swiggy Instamart.

Many expressed their desire to give this brilliant hack a try during their next visit to the cinema to watch a film.(Instagram/@alfeshh)

“I call it the genius hack,” wrote Alfesh Shaikh while sharing a video on Instagram. The video opens to show Shaikh sitting at a table inside a food court. In front of him are two packets of chips, a bottle of cold drink and wraps. He then begins to assemble all of these items into a shoe box. To make sure the box stays sealed, he tapes it up, and the video shows him walking into the theatre with his snack box.

As the video continues, he successfully passes the theatre’s security check. The video concludes with him munching on snacks while watching Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2.

Watch this viral video below:

The video was shared a while back on Instagram. It has since raked up over 35 million views and more than two million likes. A few even took to the comments section of this video to share their thoughts.

Swiggy Instamart dropped a comment on this viral video. They wrote, “Smartest student from section A.”

Here’s how others reacted to this video of a man sneaking snacks inside a theatre:

“I can assure you, this actually works. I’ve done this thrice and it’s a success!” posted an individual.

Another added, “Chilla chilla ke logon ko scheme bata de [tell the scheme to people by shouting}.”

“I will definitely try this,” expressed a third.

A fourth shared, “PVR and INOX seeing this reel and knowing everything ever after.”

“I work at a theatre! Next time I’m gonna tear whatever stuff they bring here,” wrote a fifth.

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