Vijayalakshmi Decides to Withdraw Rape Complaint Against NTK Leader, Sparking Controversy

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Tamil Actor Vijayalakshmi Withdraws Rape Complaint Against NTK Chief Seeman

September 17, 2022


Tamil actor Vijayalakshmi has withdrawn the rape complaint she had filed against Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK) chief coordinator Seeman. In a press meet on Saturday, September 16, Vijayalakshmi said she would not proceed further with the complaint, adding that she needed to accept Seeman was a “very powerful person” in Tamil Nadu. Recently on August 28, she had lodged a fresh complaint against Seeman accusing him of raping her on the pretext of marriage, cheating her, and forcing her to undergo abortions seven times.

Criticizing Police Inquiry

1. Criticising the slow pace of police inquiry, Vijayalakshmi alleged that she doubted the police had the efficiency to handle the case.

2. “The police summoned Seeman repeatedly. But Seeman said that even if they summon him 20 times, no one could do anything against him,” she said.

3. The Chennai police had recently summoned Seeman to appear before them on [date] and [date], but the NTK leader had failed to appear both times.

Public Support and Withdrawal

1. At the press meet, Vijayalakshmi said she had initially expected support from the public for her plight but was instead faced with derogatory comments on social media after she filed a complaint against Seeman.

2. She also said nobody forced her to withdraw the complaint. “I spoke to Seeman but made that decision on my own,” the actor said, adding she did not plan to proceed further against Seeman.

3. “I also do not want to come to Chennai for this case, I want to leave for Bengaluru.”

Allegations against Police and House Arrest

The actor also pointed out that though Seeman was the accused in the case, it was she who felt like she was under house arrest, with the police keeping her phones and not allowing her to even make calls. “So many things happened that I cannot reveal to the press,” she alleged.

Activist’s Perspective

An activist who helped Vijayalakshmi with the case told TNM that she decided to withdraw the complaint because she was trolled and abused on social media. “If people criticize and make bad comments against a survivor instead of helping her win her battle, who would come forward to admit that they were harassed? What kind of help could they expect from such people?” she asked.

Past Legal Proceedings

Seeman was earlier booked for rape, cheating, and criminal intimidation based on a complaint submitted by Vijayalakshmi in 2011. But criminal proceedings did not materialize after Vijayalakshmi requested against it.

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