Vicky Kaushal exposes Katrina Kaif as the ultimate fashion police in their family

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Vicky Kaushal says Katrina Kaif is the fashion police

Vicky Kaushal says Katrina Kaif is the fashion police

Pic courtesy: Vicky Kaushal Instagram


When Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal married actress Katrina Kaif in December 2021, it sent shockwaves in the industry and among B-town fans. The jodi was praised by one and all with their wedding visuals from Rajasthan going viral like crazy. Since then, Kaushal has spoken about his wife multiple times in public platforms. Recently, the Sardar Udham actor confessed that Katrina is the fashion police in his family.

Katrina Kaif’s role as the fashion police

When it comes to actress Katrina Kaif’s dressing sense and public appearances, there are hardly any looks that irked fashionistas. Hence, it goes without saying that she would have a say when it comes to her husband Vicky Kaushal’s dressing sense. Well, the Masaan actor has himself accepted that Katrina is the fashion police of their family who is the first one to point out if someone isn’t dressed appropriately.

Vicky’s response to Katrina’s fashion advice

  • Vicky was asked about Katrina being the fashion police. He responded with, “Aapko kya lagta hai? (What do you think?)” indicating that it’s his wife.
  • He humorously enacted Katrina, saying, “Ye kya pehen liye? Ye kyun pehen liye? (What are you wearing this? Why are you wearing this?)”
  • Vicky shared his response to her queries, stating that he would rotate between his collection of 4 shirts, 4 denims, and 4 t-shirts.
  • He laughed, saying that she has given up on him.

Katrina’s preference for Vicky’s bearded look

In another interview, Vicky shared that Katrina also prefers him in a beard. He mentioned that being clean-shaven is an occupational hazard for him, and he will only do it if a role requires him to. He stated that both he and Katrina like him with a beard, and nobody likes him clean-shaven.

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