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While We Watched: Tragic Ravish Kumar documentary is the best war movie of the year

While We Watched: Tragic Ravish Kumar documentary is the best war movie of the year


Director Anurag Kashyap recently commented on the best movies capturing historical events, stating that they are often made after the event has occurred. This statement is ironic considering the release of two movies that directly address the current political climate in India. One of these films is the popular vigilante thriller, Jawan, while the other is a lesser-known documentary called While We Watched. Although vastly different in tone and treatment, these films share a common theme and purpose. While We Watched is not only a profile of former NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar, but a gripping 94-minute film that serves as a dystopian thriller, a character study, a newsroom drama, and the best war movie of the year.

The Fight for Creative Diversity

As different as Jawan and While We Watched may seem, both films represent the fight for creative diversity in Indian cinema. While Jawan is a multi-million action-thriller backed by a major production company, While We Watched is a small documentary fighting for recognition. These films, along with other recent brave productions, are a testament to the creative diversity of Indian cinema and provide hope for audiences seeking meaningful storytelling.

A Profile of Ravish Kumar

While We Watched primarily focuses on the life of former NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar. The film delves into his experiences, struggles, and dedication to his work. It presents a white-knuckle narrative that encompasses elements of dystopian thrillers, character studies, and newsroom dramas. However, at its core, While We Watched is a powerful depiction of the ongoing war for the country’s future.

Ravish Kumar’s Battle

The film portrays Ravish Kumar as a soldier fighting against the powerful forces in New Delhi. The corridors of power serve as the battlefield, and the newsroom is his studio where he takes aim at the camera and fires away. Through the film’s compelling visuals, viewers are immersed in the intensity of Kumar’s daily struggles and the sacrifices he and his colleagues make.

The Disillusionment

While We Watched accurately captures the disillusionment many in the media industry feel. The film showcases the uncertain future of institutions like NDTV and the challenges faced by journalists who refuse to back down. With updates about the greater war woven into Kumar’s personal battles, the film presents a somber and tense experience that reflects the current state of media in India.


While We Watched is a documentary that goes beyond the traditional genre boundaries. It combines elements of dystopian thrillers, character studies, and newsroom dramas to create a gripping war movie. The film’s focus on Ravish Kumar and his relentless fight for truth and justice highlights the struggles faced by journalists in India today. While the battle may seem lost, the film serves as a reminder of the importance of fighting and making a presence known on the battlefield.

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