Unleashing the Power of the ‘Mega’ Youtuber: Dive into the Heroic Journey of a Digital Superstar

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Social Media Content creator Harsha Sai turns hero with new film

Social Media Content creator Harsha Sai needs no special introduction. He shot to fame for his philanthropy works. This guy is now testing his luck as a hero. What’s more, Harsha Sai who wrote the script is also directing the movie.

New film titled “Mega” and Lo Don announced

Mitraaw is the leading lady of the movie and she is also the producer. Today, the makers announced the film’s title Mega and Lo Don is the caption. Harsha Sai makes a heroic entry in the teaser. A guy who looks like an alien with the help of his army is planning to kill the protagonist who has the power of 100 lions. As the teaser suggests, this movie will be a high-octane action entertainer.

Pan India film set for release next year

Mega is a Pan India film to be mounted on a massive scale. The movie will have its theatrical release next year.

Last Modified Date: 17 September 2023 3:30 pm

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