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Bangladesh-born Aspiring Actress Nishat Ari Alvida Passes Away at 19

Tragic News Confirmed by Close Friend

Bangladesh-born Nishat Ari Alvida, a 19-year-old aspiring actress, tragically passed away on August 31. Her close friend Mohammad Hridoy reportedly confirmed the devastating news to the media.

Dengue Fever Contraction and Hospitalization

He also revealed that she had contracted dengue fever just four days prior to her death. According to reports, despite receiving immediate first aid, Nishat had to be hospitalised due to a rapid decline in her platelet levels. However, her platelet levels started to rise again within a day of hospitalization and she was discharged and sent home.

  • Platelet levels declined rapidly, leading to hospitalization
  • Platelet levels started to rise within a day at the hospital
  • Discharged and sent home after improvement

Nishat’s Optimism and Shocking End

According to Hridoy, Nishat downplayed her condition while not placing much significance to her fever, and was optimistic that medication would cure her. This made the news of her death even more shocking to her loved ones as she was active on social media platforms until the very end. Her last Facebook post that read ‘I shall be born as a bird in my next life’ went viral. She had also posted a picture from her hospital bed which showed her right hand attached to a saline tube.

Ambitious Dreams and Passion for Acting

Nishat Ara Alvida was a student preparing for her Higher Secondary examinations and had dreams that extended far beyond academia. Hridoy revealed that Nishat often spoke about her dreams of becoming not just an actress but ‘a very big actress’. She had a particular interest in theater acting and wanted to hone her skills in that domain.

Deep Mourning Among Family and Friends

The tragic event has left her family, friends, and those who knew of her aspirations in a state of deep mourning.

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