Tragic Demise of Argentine Actress Silvina Luna at 43, Following Complications from Plastic Surgery: A Heartbreaking Loss for Hollywood

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Actress Silvina Luna Passes Away Following Plastic Surgery Complications

Actress Silvina Luna Passes Away Following Plastic Surgery Complications


Argentine actress and former model Silvina Luna passed away on August 31 after battling health complications stemming from a 2011 plastic surgery carried out by cosmetic surgeon Anibal Lotocki.


The actress had undergone a butt lift surgery in the year 2011. The 43-year-old, who had been suffering from kidney failure for more than a decade, had spent 79 days in the hospital before her brother reportedly permitted the medical team to remove her from life support. Doctors first came to know of her condition in 2015 when she was being treated for a kidney stone. She was diagnosed with renal insufficiency and was put on weekly dialysis. Later in 2016, doctor Cristian Perez performed surgery on her and removed the toxic substance from her body. He had then told the media that Silvina had ‘developed an autoimmune disease caused by the medications as a consequence of her surgeries. All patients develop severe kidney failure and end up dying.’

Complications of Cosmetic Surgery

This isn’t an isolated case of cosmetic surgery gone wrong. Many celebrities have suffered complications after plastic surgery:

  • Kim Kardashian lookalike, Christina Ashten Gourkani, passed away due to cardiac arrest in April 2023 following a cosmetic surgery procedure.
  • In May, 21-year-old Kannada TV actor Chethana Raj died reportedly while undergoing a fat removal procedure.
  • Punjabi actor Vivek Shauq lost his life while undergoing liposuction at a hospital in Thane in the year 2011.
  • Telugu actor Aarthi Agarwal died due to cardiac arrest at a US hospital in 2015. She was also undergoing a fat removal process.


Plastic surgery carries risks, and it is crucial for individuals considering such procedures to thoroughly research and consult with qualified professionals.


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