Top Brazilian Headliner: President’s Passion Ignites for RRR Movie

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Brazilian President Lula da Silva Praises Telugu Blockbuster “RRR”

Brazil’s President, Lula da Silva, who recently participated in India’s prestigious G20 summit, has heaped praise on the Telugu blockbuster “RRR.” He expressed his admiration for the film that brought fame to the Telugu film industry and even made its way to the Oscars. While some may have watched “RRR” multiple times and moved on, the rest of the world is still catching up with its impact.

Global Recognition

President Lula da Silva mentioned that if anyone brings up India in conversation, he first asks whether they have seen “RRR,” highlighting the movie’s global recognition. He particularly noted the memorable “Natu Natu” song from the film.

Crossing Borders

This endorsement from the Brazilian President underscores the immense reach and influence of “RRR” across countries and borders. While films like “KGF: Chapter 2” may achieve remarkable box office numbers, creating a globally resonant pan-Indian movie like “RRR” remains a unique feat. The film’s extensive run in Japan, surpassing 500 days, set a new benchmark and is sure to be remembered by international audiences for years to come. The positive response to “RRR” has also prompted Netflix South to acquire more South Indian movies.

Upcoming Forest Adventure

“RRR’s” official Twitter account celebrated this special recognition from President Lula da Silva, hinting at the anticipation surrounding director Rajamouli’s upcoming forest adventure featuring Mahesh Babu. While the script is currently being finalized, pre-production work and location scouting are set to begin soon. It’s rumored that the regular shooting of this film may span another eight to ten months, meanwhile fans will have to wait patiently for Mahesh Babu’s next project after “Guntur Karam.”

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