Tinnu Anand opens up about his decision to replace Madhuri Dixit in a film as she declined to change her wardrobe for a scene

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Actor Tinnu Anand Recalls Incident of Firing Madhuri Dixit from Film

April 28, 2022


Actor and filmmaker Tinnu Anand collaborated with Madhuri Dixit for the last time in the 1989 film ‘Shanakht’, co-starring Amitabh Bachchan.

The Incident

The filmmaker recently recalled an incident and revealed that he had fired the actress from the film after she refused to remove her blouse for a scene.

Preparation and Agreement

In an interview with Radio Nasha, Tinnu Anand said that he had shared the entire sequence with the Dhak Dhak girl of Bollywood before he signed her, and she had even agreed to do it.

  • ‘I had narrated the entire sequence to Madhuri and I told her that you have to remove your blouse and for the first time, we should see you in your bra. And I am not going to hide anything behind a haystack or anything. Because you are offering yourself to help a man who is trying to help you. So it is a very important situation and I want to shoot it on the first day. She said okay,’ the actor-director recalled.

Refusal and Consequence

However, during the shoot, when Madhuri refused to film that specific scene, the director mentioned that he asked her to ‘pack up and say goodbye to the movie.’

Resolution and Completion

Later, Madhuri eventually agreed to do the scene and completed the film.


The incident between Tinnu Anand and Madhuri Dixit during the filming of ‘Shanakht’ showcases the challenges and negotiations that sometimes occur in the creation of a movie.

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