The Revealing Truth Behind BTS Jungkook’s Iconic Shirtless Cover Shoot for “Dazed UK”

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It wasn’t the stylists: BTS’s Jungkook graces Dazed UK’s Autumn Issue


BTS’s Jungkook is set to make history as the first K-pop act to be featured on the cover of Dazed UK’s Autumn 2023 issue. The magazine recently unveiled the cover, which caused a frenzy on the internet.

Dazed UK Magazine

Dazed UK is a bi-monthly British lifestyle magazine that covers various entertainment categories like music, fashion, film, art, and literature. The magazine was founded in 1991.

Jungkook’s Shirtless Cover

Fans had high expectations for the historical cover, and their expectations were exceeded when Dazed released a preview. The cover featured Jungkook posing shirtless, sitting inside a car and wearing a leather jacket over his bare torso. His lip piercings, cheek scar, and smoldering look created a “bad boy” image that immediately captivated netizens.

Jungkook’s Previous Shirtless Appearances

  • In the past, Jungkook has gone shirtless for the concept photos of his single “Seven” and for his Calvin Klein photoshoots as their global ambassador.

Jungkook’s Decision

Ahead of the magazine’s official release, Jungkook’s brief interview with Dazed revealed that there was no explicit agreement for him to do a shirtless cover. Instead, it was his spontaneous decision to be styled in that manner. He emerged from the dressing room wearing only the leather jacket and seamlessly struck the pose behind the wheel of a vintage Mercedes-Benz.

Fan Reactions

  • Fans have reacted hilariously to this revelation, calling out Jungkook for “wanting them dead.”
  • Social media is buzzing with comments and memes about his decision to go shirtless for the cover.

Jungkook Addresses Criticism

During the interview, Jungkook also discussed the criticism he received for the explicit version of his song “Seven.”


BTS’s Jungkook has grabbed attention with his shirtless cover for Dazed UK’s Autumn Issue. Fans eagerly await the release of the full pictorial and interview, which is expected to provide interesting insights from the artist.

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