Suzanna Mukherjee Opens Up About Taking a Break from Acting Amidst Sleazy Role Offers; Reflects on Deep Thoughts: ‘What Have I Done Wrong?’

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Suzanna Mukherjee: A New Beginning with Recognition in the Entertainment Industry

Suzanna Mukherjee: A New Beginning with Recognition in the Entertainment Industry


Suzanna Mukherjee has been earning accolades ever since her web show featuring Vijay Varma, Shweta Tripathi, and Seema Biswas released. But much before this web show, Suzanna was a part of reality show Roadies Hell Down Under in 2009. She then did a few shows and films, but the recognition didn’t come her way the way she wanted back then. But now, Suzanna shared that with the 2023 released web show, it feels like a ‘new beginning’ for her. ETimes TV got in touch with Suzanna for this week’s Tellyblazer segment.

Recognition Finally Comes Her Way

The actress spoke about taking a break from acting in her initial years because either the projects didn’t interest her or she was being offered sleazy roles. She also shared how reality show Roadies paved her way in the entertainment industry and a lot more.

Web Show Brings Recognition

  • For the first time, Suzanna is receiving appreciation and attention
  • Previous work went unnoticed
  • Web show has brought recognition and eyeballs
  • Excitement and cautiousness about the release
  • Hopeful for better opportunities

Roadies Experience

  • Entered Roadies through a fluke application
  • Long interview with Raghu Ram and Rajiv
  • Learned a lot from the experience
  • Roadies gave her a platform for other auditions

Entering Showbiz

  • Always interested in art and different forms of entertainment
  • Transitioned slowly into showbiz
  • Taking acting courses and doing plays to improve her skills
  • Roadies helped in making the decision

Bengali and Russian Background

  • Had a diverse and vibrant childhood
  • Lucky to have supportive parents
  • Mother was a working woman and fashion designer
  • Celebrated birthdays with multiple cultures
  • Parents played a significant role in shaping her up

Future Plans

  • Parents pressuring for marriage, but Suzanna believes in fate
  • Open to new opportunities and waiting for the right projects

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