Sunny Deol Opens Up About the Untold Story Behind ‘Border 2’ Cancellation in 2015 and Discusses Exciting Remake Possibilities

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Sunny Deol shares insights about Border 2 in candid interview

Sunny Deol shares insights about Border 2 in candid interview

Sunny Deol, the celebrated Bollywood actor who is riding high on the massive success of Gadar 2, recently shared intriguing insights during a candid conversation on The Ranveer Show. The spotlight was on the much-anticipated sequel to the 1997 blockbuster war film Border.

Rumours clarified

Rumours have been rife about his return to the memorable character after the success of Gadar 2. But, the actor was quick to dispel any misunderstandings, clarifying that he hadn’t officially signed any projects yet.

The shelved project

In the engaging podcast hosted by Ranveer Allahbadia, Sunny Deol revealed that plans for Border 2 had been set in motion back in 2015. However, circumstances led to the project being shelved, leaving fans yearning for more.

Past failure

“We were meant to start it a lot earlier, in 2015. But then my film flopped, so people were scared to make it then,” Sunny Deol said.

The ‘flop’ film

The ‘flop’ film he is referring to from 2015 could be the romantic comedy “I Love New Year”, as per the Hindustan Times. In this film, Sunny Deol shared the screen with Kangana Ranaut.

Buzz about the sequel

A lighthearted moment transpired when the host playfully mentioned the ongoing whispers about the sequel. Sunny Deol acknowledged the buzz, reminiscing about the initial plans and the journey that could have been.

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Importance of engaging storylines

Reflecting on the evolution of characters and narratives in contemporary cinema, Sunny Deol expressed his affinity for roles that resonate with the audience.

He emphasised the importance of a justifiable and engaging storyline that would seamlessly carry forward beloved characters. The actor’s aspiration to provide an enjoyable experience was evident as he drew parallels with the excitement fans found in Gadar 2.

Changing dynamics of the film industry

Delving into his own experiences, Sunny Deol shed light on a phase when film offers seemed to dwindle, despite the resounding success of Gadar: Ek Prem Katha. Although perplexed by the sudden shift, he offered insight into the changing dynamics of the Hindi film industry during that time.

The advent of corporates in the film business marked a transformative period, leading to shifts in various aspects of the industry, including project selection and production.

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