Sunny Deol ने कहा ‘Darr’ के बाद Shah Rukh Khan के साथ झगड़ा ‘बचपना’ था, Salman Khan के साथ बॉन्डिंग पर खुलकर चर्चा की

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Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan bury the hatchet after 16 years

Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan bury the hatchet after 16 years

The Darr fallout

Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan worked together in ‘Darr‘. While SRK was known for his psychotic negative act in the movie, Sunny played the hero opposite Juhi Chawla. This Yash Chopra directorial released in 1993 and post that SRK and Sunny were not on talking terms with each other for about 16 years. They had a fall out on the sets of the film. However, recently, Shah Rukh attended the success of ‘Gadar 2’. It was a treat for fans as both the stars were seen hugging each other and bonding.

The reconciliation

Recently, Sunny appeared on ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ and the actor has opened up on his feud with SRK. He admitted that, when the feud happened, those days where very different, that time was very different. But today, one understands that those things shouldn’t have happened. It was ‘bachpana (Childish) definitely’. But after that, Sunny and SRK both got over it, met many times and spoke to each other about many things and movies. Sunny revealed that this time, SRK watched ‘Gadar 2’ with his whole family and he called him up. So, everything is fine now. ‘Sab bohot badhiya hai’, said Sunny.

Equation with Salman Khan

SRK was seen talking to Sunny about his son Aryan Khan’s reaction to the movie. Sunny further spoke about his equation with Salman Khan. He expressed that while he is senior to Salman, they share a very different equation. Salman used to visit Sunny on the sets in those times and he had a very good bonding with Dharmendra. Hence, they have this give and take relationship with each other which is very rare. Sunny has his own different bond with everyone. But he likes to be himself. ‘I’m what I am, you may like it or may not like it,’ said the actor.

Box office success

‘Gadar 2’ has entered the Rs 500 crore club and left a huge dent at the box office. Now of course, with ‘Jawan’ releasing, the numbers have stopped dropping.

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