Step Inside Tejasswi Prakash’s Glamorous Vanity Van on the Naagin 6 Set: Stunning Snaps Await!

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A peek into Tejasswi Prakash’s lavish vanity van during Naagin 6 shoot; in pics

A peek into Tejasswi Prakash’s lavish vanity van during Naagin 6 shoot; in pics

Last updated on – Sep 11, 2023, 17:00 IST

Tejasswi Prakash gives fans a glimpse of her luxurious vanity van

Tejasswi Prakash, who played Naagin in Ekta Kapoor’s Naagin 6, gave a glimpse into her luxurious vanity van. Before wrapping up Naagin 6 shoot, Tejasswi showed fans and followers her vanity van, the place of her relaxation and you will be surprised to see some cute moments of her with Karan Kundrra too!

On fans’ popular demand

Tejasswi Prakash’s popularity reached new heights as she won Bigg Boss 15 title. And fans enjoy every little big and small moments of her life. Tejasswi decided to give a tour of her van after much demand of fans and said, “You all have seen big vanities of big celebs. Mine is not that great.”

Her second home

On the last day of her shoot, Tejasswi shared, “This has truly been my second home for a year and a half. More than my home, this vanity has been my home. Just at the entrance, there are quite many shelves and a mini fridge. It also had some fridge magnets, gifted to her by her fans. There is a micro oven as well.

A place for guests

There’s an area with a small couch and a small vanity area. However, Tejasswi mentioned that she doesn’t use that area much and it’s a place for the guests. Tejasswi also shared several gifts items sent to her by fans and a Naagin shaped cupcakes that she received.

The actual vanity area

Tejasswi gave fans a glimpse of her actual vanity area. There’s a special picture of Karan and Tejasswi from Bigg Boss 15’s Diwali episode framed and kept at the entrance. Some of the utensils, her coffee machine and some snacks are also stacked in baskets.

Two bathrooms

The actress shared there are two bathrooms in the vanity. She said, “There’s one bathroom at the entrance, which is for the guests. I also use it when I have to take a shower. But the small bathroom is only for my personal use.”

Were all the ‘schbang’ happens

Showing her big vanity mirror, Tejasswi shared, “This is where all the schbang happens.” The big mirror is cutely decorated with many photos of Tejasswi and her beau Karan Kundrra. There’s also a bigger bed. There’s also TV, where Tejasswi catches up on a lot of content.

Karan and Tejasswi’s cute moments

In the entire vanity, one can find several photos and mementos of Karan and Tejasswi. Right from childhood pics to their moments together, Tejasswi has neatly flaunted them throughout her vanity van. Tejasswi explained in detail many of the photos. There are many photos of the couple with the families as well.

Memories curated by Tejasswi

Tejasswi further shared that knowing the show is doing well, she was aware she would have to spend a lot of time in the vanity and hence she decorated it in her own way with things that have been important to her. She shared, “Mera jeena maarna yehi pet tha. So I kept a lot of pictures with Karan and our families. And I kept them close. But now I will pack up from here until another show.”

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