Shocking Allegations: Bhojpuri Actress Priyansu Singh Accuses Co-Star Puneet Singh Rajput of Rape in a Horrific Incident | Latest Bhojpuri Movie News

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Popular Bhojpuri Actress Accuses Co-Star of Rape

Actress Priyansu Singh has accused her co-star Puneet Singh Rajput of rape. Priyansu has filed an FIR against Puneet, alleging that he forced her to engage in unnatural physical activities. In an interview with ETimes, Priyansu shared her harrowing experience and her quest for justice.

A Sweet Beginning

Priyansu met Puneet on social media when she was enjoying success in her career. Initially, Puneet seemed polite and friendly. Aspiring to enter the film industry, Puneet used Priyansu’s contacts to help himself find work. With time, their relationship grew, and he even shifted to her vicinity.

A Nightmare Unveiled

However, one fateful day, Puneet arrived at Priyansu’s house intoxicated. In a state of drunkenness, he forcefully engaged in physical intimacy with her. The next morning, remorseful and promising to marry her, he apologized for his actions. Convinced by his words, Priyansu trusted him again.

Betrayal Strikes Again

Regrettably, Puneet repeated his abusive behavior. Priyansu, feeling trapped and violated, was coerced into performing acts she did not wish to do. She felt powerless as Puneet ignored her consent, grabbing her hair and forcing her into unnatural acts.

Seeking Justice

Priyansu spoke up about her toxic relationship, breaking her silence to focus on getting justice. Her primary objective is to ensure that Puneet receives the punishment he deserves, rather than persisting in her desire to marry him. She hopes for a resolution and seeks support from the legal system.

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