Shah Rukh Khan’s Unforgettable Act of Lying on the Floor at Jawan Event: Atlee Shares Exclusive Details

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Shah Rukh Khan’s Humble Gesture at Jawan Event

‘We had to tell him that he is the Shah Rukh Khan’: Atlee on SRK’s act of lying on floor at Jawan event

Shah Rukh Khan’s Humility Shines at Jawan Event

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is known for his humility and respect towards others. At the recent Jawan success event in Mumbai, SRK once again displayed his generosity and down-to-earth nature.

A Humble Gesture that Won Hearts

During the event, Shah Rukh noticed that director Atlee and some members of the Jawan team were sitting down for a photo. He immediately joined them by lying on the floor, striking a cool pose. This simple yet heartfelt act by SRK left everyone in complete awe.

Atlee’s Words of Admiration

Director Atlee expressed his admiration for Shah Rukh Khan’s humble nature and stated, “(Sometimes), we had to tell him that he is the Shah Rukh Khan. He is a very basic human being with a basic heart. (At the event) When I sat down, he told me to come and stand with him but there were a lot of people on stage and we had to accommodate all…Then he came and lay down on the floor. He is always the same. He can never be changed. I love him.”

Jawan’s Success and Atlee’s Journey with SRK

Jawan, which has been dominating the box office since its release on September 7, features Shah Rukh Khan in a dual role along with talented actors like Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, and Deepika Padukone. Interestingly, it was SRK himself who approached Atlee to make a film for him.

  • Atlee shared his first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan where he expressed his desire to work with him.
  • Atlee worked on the script for eight months and the collaboration resulted in the creation of Jawan.

Jawan’s Box Office Success

Jawan’s action-packed drama has achieved great success at the box office, entering the coveted Rs 800 crore club worldwide.

Next Steps for Atlee

Atlee considers Jawan’s success as a great responsibility and feels more accountable towards the audience for his future projects.


Shah Rukh Khan’s humble gesture at the Jawan event not only won the hearts of his fans but also left everyone in awe of his down-to-earth nature. With Jawan’s box office success, Atlee’s collaboration with SRK has set high expectations for their future projects.

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This article was first published on: 18-09-2023 at 21:45 IST

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