Shah Rukh Khan’s Inspiring Resilience Shines as Jawan Remains Steadfast Amidst India-Pakistan Clash

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Jawan Smashes Box Office Records – A Record-Breaking Weekend and Monday

Jawan Smashes Box Office Records – A Record-Breaking Weekend and Monday

Extraordinary Weekend Sets the Stage for Monday

Jawan had an extraordinary first weekend, smashing records all across. The Shah Rukh Khan starrer already grossed over 520 crores in its four-day extended weekend.

Monday Delivers Outstanding Performance

Jawan amassed an impressive 30.5 crores nett from its Hindi version on Monday. In five days, Jawan made 282.5 crores nett (Hindi version alone), making it the fastest Hindi film to do so.

The noteworthy thing is that there was an India – Pakistan Asia Cup match on Monday. Jawan withstood the same and made solid moolah.

Promising Future for Jawan

The collections would have been marginally higher in a normal situation. Jawan grossed 574.89 crores at the worldwide box office as of now. The movie is expected to benefit from the Ganesh Chaturthi festival next week. Altee’s presentation and SRK’s power-packed performance are doing wonders at the box office.

Box Office Figures

  • Record-breaking weekend with over 520 crores grossed
  • 30.5 crores nett from Hindi version on Monday
  • 282.5 crores nett in five days (Hindi version alone)
  • 574.89 crores grossed at the worldwide box office as of now

Upcoming Festivals and Expectations

The Ganesh Chaturthi festival next week is expected to further boost Jawan’s box office performance.

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