Shah Rukh Khan Defends Maniesh Paul at Live Show: A Heartwarming Gesture by the Superstar

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Shah Rukh Khan Stands Up for Maniesh Paul at Live Show | Bollywood News

Bollywood: When Shah Rukh Khan took a stand for sidelined Maniesh Paul at live show

Recalling the Incident

Maniesh Paul recently shared an incident where Shah Rukh Khan stood up for him during a live show. The actor-anchor was performing at a police show where a writer had written all the punchlines for Shah Rukh. Feeling sidelined, Maniesh was in Shah Rukh’s vanity when he asked him to sit down and read the lines. Shah Rukh then asked, “You have written all the punchlines for me, has he come here only to hang around?”

The Air of Today’s Actors

Farah Khan and Maniesh Paul both believe that today’s actors have a certain air about themselves, unlike the previous generation of stars. Farah mentioned that if any of today’s stars were in Shah Rukh’s place, they would have made sure to take all the good lines for themselves. She praised Shah Rukh for his humility and big-heartedness, stating that there is nobody after him and Salman Khan.

No Jokes on Today’s Actors

Maniesh Paul also commented on the limitations he faces as a host of award shows. He mentioned that while Shah Rukh can be self-deprecating and take jokes on himself, younger stars have publicists who restrict certain jokes. Maniesh shared that publicists often approach him before his performance, asking him not to say certain things or perform certain acts.

Maniesh Paul’s transition from being a VJ to an actor has been successful, with his recent appearance in the movie ‘JugJugg Jeeyo’, where he won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in a Comic Role.

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