Shah Rukh Khan Curious About Vijay’s Morning Routine at Atlee’s Birthday Bash: The Intriguing Conversation Revealed

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Shah Rukh Khan Asked Vijay What Time He Wakes Up as They Met at Atlee’s Birthday Party

Last year, Atlee celebrated his birthday with the presence of Shah Rukh Khan and Vijay at his party in Chennai. The picture of the three of them went viral and captured the attention of many fans. Atlee recently revealed what the two actors talked about during the party and how they are urging him to write a movie featuring both of them.

The Story Behind the Viral Picture

Atlee shared the story behind the viral picture during an interview with Siddharth Kannan. He explained that his birthday fell on September 21, and he noticed that two days in his schedule were marked as holidays. He asked his producer why, and it turned out that Red Chillies, Shah Rukh Khan’s production company, declared his birthday as a national holiday for the team. Atlee was surprised and grateful for the gesture.

The Birthday Party and Meeting Vijay

The film’s team flew to Chennai for the birthday celebration, and Atlee hosted a party. Among the guests was actor Vijay, who has attended every birthday party of Atlee’s. Atlee expressed his happiness at having both Shah Rukh and Vijay under one roof. He described Vijay’s happiness at meeting Shah Rukh as something special, and their conversation was a dream come true for him.

‘Fun’ Conversation Between Shah Rukh and Vijay

Contrary to expectations, the conversation between Shah Rukh and Vijay was lighthearted and fun. They asked each other casual questions like what time they wake up, their workout routines, and what they eat. Atlee enjoyed listening to their conversation as they talked like ‘kids’.

During the party, both Shah Rukh and Vijay asked Atlee to write a script for a film featuring both of them. Atlee initially thought they were saying it out of courtesy, but Vijay messaged him the next day to express his interest in the project. Shah Rukh also confirmed his seriousness about collaborating with Vijay and Atlee on a film.

Future Plans for Atlee

After the success of his film “Jawan,” Atlee is planning to release an extended and different version of the movie on an OTT platform. He confirmed that he is working on the script with Shah Rukh and Vijay in mind and hopes to crack it soon. He assured everyone that he is taking the project seriously and will approach both actors for their availability once the script is ready.


The meeting between Shah Rukh Khan and Vijay at Atlee’s birthday party was a special moment for all three of them. Their casual and playful conversation has sparked excitement among fans, and the possibility of a collaboration between these two powerhouse actors is eagerly anticipated.

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