Sayantika Banerjee bravely speaks out about being harassed by a choreographer on the set of ‘Chayabaj’ in Bangladesh; watch as she stands up against the abuse

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Actress Sayantika Banerjee Returns to Kolkata after Facing Harassment and Technical Issues on Film Set


Actress-politician Sayantika Banerjee recently came back to Kolkata after shooting her upcoming film ‘Chayabaj’ in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, her experience on set was marred by instances of harassment and various technical problems.

Harassment on Set

In an interview with Anandabazar online, Sayantika revealed that during the shoot, a young choreographer named Michael held her hand without her consent. She immediately stopped him and confronted him in front of everyone.

Technical Issues

Sayantika faced several technical problems during the production. Initially, a teacher was hired for the dance shooting, but he left due to monetary issues. This led to the arrival of the young choreographer who harassed her. She also tried to contact the producer, Manirul Islam, but received no response.

Denying Allegations

The actress strongly refuted any allegations of not completing the shoot, highlighting her professionalism and dedication to her craft. Sayantika stated that she cannot fathom engaging in such unprofessional behavior.

Resolution and Future Work

Sayantika expressed that she will not resume her work until the management issues are resolved and her concerns are addressed. She waited for a solution from the producer before returning to India, but unfortunately, received no response.

Makers Silent on the Matter

So far, the makers of the movie have not released an official statement regarding the reported harassment and technical issues faced by Sayantika on the set of ‘Chayabaj’.


Sayantika Banerjee’s return to Kolkata after facing harassment and technical problems on the set of ‘Chayabaj’ has shed light on the importance of proper management in film productions. As fans and audiences, we hope that these issues are promptly addressed and resolved.

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