Roadies face formidable challenges as loyalties are tested in Roadies – Karm ya Kaand following Gang switch

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Rifts and Alliances: Gang Shuffle Creates Drama on MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand


In the upcoming episode of Roadies, the contestants will be forming new bonds with different teams after a gang shuffle.

Joginder’s Upset

Joginder, one of the contestants, will be upset because people have been using unkind words to describe him. He’ll express his unhappiness, which will lead to an argument with another contestant named Priyanka.

  • This argument will escalate, causing a rift within their gang.
  • Joginder will feel betrayed by his own gang members and their leader.

Akriti’s Disappointment

Akriti, another contestant, will also be upset because no one chose her to be in their gang. To make matters worse, Prince, one of the gang leaders, traded her to get another contestant named Piyu into his gang.

A Task with a Twist

With these new bonds and loyalties, the Roadies will head to a task ground, expecting to face new challenges. When they arrive, they’ll find a beautiful location, but the task setup will resemble a boxing ring.

  • Joginder will confront Prince about Prince calling him “brainless.”
  • Prince will explain his reasoning, stating that he needs to keep the funniest contestants in his gang.
  • Joginder will also bring up Prince’s comment about him being from a “gaon” (village), which Prince will proudly refute.

Gautam’s Support

Now that Joginder is in Gautam’s gang, Gautam will boost his confidence and promise to send him ahead in the tasks.

Special Guest and New Task

Sonu Sood, a special guest, will introduce the Immunity and Roadium Task called ‘Khoon Bhari Gang.’

  • The gang leaders will each choose three Roadies from their team to participate.
  • These Roadies will wear ninja suits with five blue blood balls attached.
  • The objective is to strike the blue blood balls on opponents’ suits using a stick.
  • The last person with the most blue blood balls left will win.
  • The gang with the most wins after three rounds will secure three immunities and Roadiums for their gang.
  • However, there will be penalties in this fierce game.

Gang Lineup

Prince will choose Himanshu, Piyu, and Siwet for his team. Gautam will select Akriti, Joginder, and Prakram, while Rhea will pick Rishabh, Vashu, and Pallavi.

Alliances Put to the Test

These new gang dynamics will test the loyalty of the Roadies to their leaders, and alliances will be put to the test.

  • All eyes will be on Akriti and Joginder to see how they perform.
  • The big question is, which gang will win the task and secure immunities, and how will alliances change after the gang shuffle?


To find out what happens next, watch MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand this Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 pm.

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