Renowned Actor Vijay Graces Father S.A. Chandrasekhar with Heartwarming Visit Post-Surgery!

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Actor Vijay Meets Father After Returning From US


Actor Vijay is back from US, where he was shooting for Leo with director Venkat Prabhu. Upon his return to India, the actor met his father SA Chandrasekhar at latter’s home.


Vijay posed for a photo with his parents.

Health Inquiries

SAC is undergoing treatment at home after a surgery. Vijay inquired about his health and treatment details.

Efforts for Reconciliation

His mother Shobha has been working to bring together Vijay and Chandrasekhar, who have been at loggerheads for the past few years.

Criticism and Audio Launch

Chandrasekhar was invited to the audio launch of Varisu. Apart from that, Vijay, who is laying the foundation for a new political movement, was criticized that ‘he has abandoned his father who raised him’.

Lawsuit against Parents

  • Vijay had filed a lawsuit against his parents and nine others in 2021.
  • In the lawsuit, Vijay made it clear that no one is allowed to use his name to organise public meetings and gatherings.
  • His father revealed Vijay’s interest in politics, registered a party in Vijay’s name, and appointed Shobha as the treasurer and a relative as the party President.
  • Vijay filed a lawsuit to restrain them from using his name.

Chandrasekhar’s Critique on Beast

SA Chandrasekhar had slammed Beast director Nelson Dilipkumar, stating that the movie relied solely on Vijay’s stardom and lacked a proper screenplay.

Upcoming Projects

Vijay was last seen in Varisu. His next film will be Leo.

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