Rati Pandey reveals disturbing on-set bullying experience with director; shares her struggle with public humiliation

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Vijaya Tiwari |
| Updated: Sep 11, 2023, 20:28 IST

Indian television actress Rati Pandey opens up about being bullied by a director on set


Indian television actress Rati Pandey recently opened up about being bullied by a director on the sets of a show.
She spoke about the incident in an interview, revealing how it affected her self-confidence and made her doubt her
acting abilities. The director would yell at her in front of the entire unit and constantly criticize her performance.

The Bullying Incident

Rati Pandey, known for her path-breaking performances in shows like “Hitler Didi” and “Miley Jab Hum Tum,” recently
shared her experience of being bullied on the sets by a director. In an exclusive interview with ETimes TV, she
spoke about how the incident affected her and caused self-doubt.

  • The incident occurred while she was shooting for a mythological show.
  • Because of her dedication to the role, she started speaking in pure Hindi in her everyday life as well.
  • When she got offered a socio-drama role without much preparation time, the director wanted another actor for the
  • However, due to her popularity with the channel and production house, they insisted she play the role.
  • To demean and insult her, the director would yell at her on the microphone in front of the entire unit.

Growth from the Incident

Rati Pandey reflects on the incident and acknowledges the personal growth it brought her. She shares that the director’s
harsh criticism was a part of his pattern to push actors to unlearn and bring out the character fully.

“Later on, I was told that he does this to most of the actors to make them unlearn things. It was a learning
experience for me. Whatever criticism happened, it was for my personal growth,” she concluded.

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