Popular Actor and RJ Meera Nandan Announces Engagement, Fans Excited

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Popular actor Meera Nandan announces engagement to fiance Sreeju


Meera Nandan, a popular actor and radio jockey, announced her engagement to fiance Sreeju on Wednesday, September 13. Meera, who is also an established television anchor, shared a picture of the couple on Instagram, symbolizing their commitment to each other.

Capturing Their Journey

The official photographer of the engagement took to Instagram to recount the couple’s remarkable journey. From a chance encounter on a matrimonial site to a promise of forever, Sreeju flew from London to Dubai to meet Meera. The photographer described their unique love story as one filled with charm, love, and a decision to spend the rest of their lives together.

Meera’s Perspective on Marriage

In a recent interview with Milestone Makers, Meera expressed her perspective on marriage. She emphasized that independence should not be confused with societal pressure to get married. Meera believes that the readiness for marriage should be the sole determining factor in making such a significant decision.

Meera Nandan’s Journey

Meera Nandan made her memorable debut in Malayalam cinema as the female lead in Lal Jose’s acclaimed film “Mulla.” Her career in front of the camera began with an advertisement for Mohanlal’s Taste Buds. Following her audition for the reality show “Idea Star Singer,” she became an anchor for the program. Meera also hosted shows on Amrita TV and Jeevan TV.

In 2014, she embarked on a new chapter in Dubai, working as a Radio Jockey for Radio Red 94.7 FM. Her most recent project was the comedy-drama movie “Ennalum Ente Aliya” directed by Bash Mohammed.

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