Pooja Bhatt Silences Troll’s Absurd Claims About Her Father, Receives Overwhelming Fan Support

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Pooja Bhatt Talks About Freedom and Faces Derogatory Comment

Pooja Bhatt’s Message of Freedom

Pooja Bhatt, who recently exited the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, took to her social media to express her thoughts on freedom. She shared a photograph wearing a t-shirt with a chained elephant drawn on it and a message saying ‘Free Joymala’.

Pooja Appreciates Freedom after Bigg Boss Stint

Reflecting on her time in the #BiggBosOTT2 house, Pooja Bhatt said she now has a greater appreciation for freedom. She implored the authorities to unite and use their collective power to help free Joymala.

Troll Targets Mahesh Bhatt

Unfortunately, amidst the positive responses, a netizen decided to attack Pooja’s father and veteran filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt. The troll left a derogatory comment targeting him and questioned his actions.

Pooja responded to the hate by wishing the troll well and hoping they can let go of their blind hate. She handled the situation with grace and maturity.

Fans Support Pooja Bhatt

As expected, Pooja’s fans were quick to come to her defense. They condemned the troll’s actions and expressed their support for Pooja and her family. Some fans even took on the role of educating the troll about respect and decency.

  • ‘shame on you to write this about someone’s father. If you don’t like something that someone says, you should not choose to talk such filthy words for a daughter and her father’
  • ‘u are inspiration to many people … keep handling things like a queen’
  • ‘people like this have a sick mentality. For them, one word: “Ignore”. Love u Pooja always.’

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